Lemons, Lemons, Lemons (Or Not!)

Hello Again!

Well, the plans to make all things lemon last weekend – lemon drizzle cake and my dad’s lemon chicken – went pear-shaped when my poor dad’s bathroom STILL looked like this on the Sunday afternoon!! So, needless to say, the dinner at my dad’s was off! That means I needed to find something different to make for the week. So, here are the yummy ginger cake and millionaire’s shortbread I made instead! Mmmmm……. Nice with a cuppa tea!

Any takers?

Donna x

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5 thoughts on “Lemons, Lemons, Lemons (Or Not!)

  1. Can’t eat the cakes as i am Diabetic …… amazing …. your Dad’s loo looks exactly the same as the new one in my bathroom …. Keep up the good work Donna…


  2. Hello, I read your letter in the new issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine, congratulations on having it published and for achieving start letter status!!
    I am one of the new designers at CB, I made the quilled bird in last monts issue and the ‘leading ladies’ in the latest mag….If theres anything that you would like to know about quilling, I’ll try my best to help out!


  3. Hi Claire!
    Thanks for your comment! I was really chuffed to have my letter published, never mind it being the star letter!!
    I loved your quilled designs, they are amazing!! I’ve never done any quilling before, but it’s on my list of things to learn this year! I’d love it if you’d help me to learn quilling when I get to it? Having someone to help you, even if only by directing you to great resources or over the Internet, makes a big difference!!
    Thanks again for your lovely comment!
    Donna x


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