Hi All!

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while but I’ve been having a few problems health-wise, so any energy I’ve had has been spent keeping up with the tasks, and the blogging’s got a bit lax! But I’m back now, and raring to go!! So…. what have you missed in the last couple of weeks?Firstly, Herman has become daddy to 4 mini Hermans (I’m so proud!) which I’ve frozen til either I’m ready to do more Herman work (might take a while!) or, more likely, I find someone who wants to give a Herman a home!! And Herman himself has bloomed into a beautiful fruit and nut cake – picture below. I can’t eat the stuff that’s in the recipe, but my mum ate it and assured me he was delicious!  If you want to have a go at making your own Herman, there are recipes for all sorts of Hermans, as well as the base mix, at http://www.recipes4cakes.com (They have all sorts of yummy cake recipes there to try too!!)

Next, dad finally managed to teach me his lemon chicken recipe – I’ve done that in a separate post as it’s quite a long set of instructions! I made lemon chicken with mini roasties, followed by the golden syrup pudding my mum taught me how to make too. Yummy!! Very filling though – didn’t need any dinner that day!

And then this week my new craft buddy Debbie and I did some cooking, and she taught me how to make pasta Bolognese, and to make my own rolls to go with it (albeit using a packet bread mix). I’ve included pictures of the finished results below – see what you think? It certainly tasted yummy!! So when my friend was round yesterday we decided to make our own version of it, with chicken instead – we used diced chicken breast (fried for a few minutes to defrost and cook lightly), tomatoes (I used some passata, but you could use a tin of tomatoes if you prefer more solid bits), half a chopped up onion, pepper, garlic, salt, basil, mixed herbs (if wanted), oxo cube, and Worcester sauce (optional, just to give a bit of spice to it), plus pasta. You can also add whatever other bits you wish (mushrooms etc) to the topping, I just can’t eat them. The beauty of it was it only took about 15 minutes to cook, tasted yummy, and was filling and warming – important when the temperature’s barely above freezing and there’s snow on the ground!! We also used the last of the homemade rolls from last week, which we turned into homemade garlic bread by mixing some melted butter with garlic extract and spreading all over the inside of the rolls.  Scrummy!!!!

So, all in all, a very food-focused couple of weeks to finish off my first month’s crafting. I’m quite proud of myself to have got through a whole month of making things and keeping my resolution…. though once I say that, I remember there are still 11 to go, and then I just feel scared again!! I hope you like what I’ve made this month, and maybe have a go at something I’ve tried. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve cooked one of my recipes, or if you have a recipe to share – I’ll still be cooking in the following months, so would love to have other new recipes to try! Just post a comment, and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Back soon!!

Donna xxx

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2 thoughts on “Hi All!

  1. They all look fantastic…. just a pity I cant eat them either !!! No white flour for me ….
    I applaud your attempts, you are doing so well Donna…. keep up the good work …


    1. Oh dear Denice, your diet really is as restrictive as mine! You’ll have to let me have a recipe for something you make, and I’ll have a go at that, so I’ve got something Denice-friendly here too!!!


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