Cosmetics Start With…. Face And Body Cream!

So, this month’s challenge is to learn how to make cosmetics and personal grooming products. To make things a bit easier (I couldn’t find anyone locally who could/would give my crafty buddies and I any lessons in this) we’re using kits for this, supplied by Aromantics ( and The Soap Kitchen (

This first item, Face and Body Cream, is made using a kit from The Soap Kitchen. It makes one large pot of Face Cream, and one large pot of Body Cream, which can then be divided down if required. They’re made using something called cold-process method, which means no cooking – nice and simple!! So, here are the details as given in the kit:

Cold-Process Cream-Making Kit

Ingredients (can be scaled up to make full batches)

2 x 10g sachets of cold process wax granules

2 x 90g bottles of deionised (distilled) water

2 x 1g sachets of natural preservative powder

1 x 5g bottle of Rose Hip oil

1 x 5g bottle of Peach Kernel oil

1 x 5g bottle of Sweet Almond oil

1 x 5g bottle of Grapeseed oil


1 x mixing container

2 x 100g screw-top aluminium tins

Mini whisk / small teaspoon for mixing


NB Always remember to add the water to your cold-process wax, not the other way round!

Face Cream

  1. Empty the contents of one of the cold-process wax sachets into the mixing container.
  2. Slowly pour the contents of one of the deionised water bottles into the mixing container whilst stirring all the time. At first, this will not look very promising, but as you continue stirring, the wax granules will slowly absorb all the water and the mixture will take on the look and feel of a cream.
  3. IMPORTANT… The cold-process wax requires quite vigorous and constant stirring. If it looks lumpy or grainy, this is normal at first. It’s important to “squash” any larger lumps against the back of the teaspoon, so as the water can combine with every grain of cold-process wax. Keep stirring until you have a smooth and creamy finish. 
  4. Once you are satisfied the cream base is smooth and lump/grain-free, add the contents of the sachet of preservative and stir in thoroughly.
  5. Next take the 5g bottle of Rose Hip oil and pour this in with the cream base, stirring it in completely. You will see that the base emulsifies (absorbs) all the oil almost immediately.
  6. Next take the 5g bottle of Peach Kernel oil and repeat the process, stirring once again until all the oil is absorbed into the cream base.
  7. If you wish to add either an essential oil or a fragrance oil to this mixture, now is the time to do it. As with almost all cream bases, a maximum advised quantity of an essential oil or fragrance oil is 1%, so in this quantity of cream, that would be just 1g. If you can’t easily measure such a small amount by weight, try using a standard tiny measuring spoon, which would usually be available down to 1/4 tsp, which is 1.25ml and underfill this slightly.
  8. Finally, you’re ready to decant your cream into one of the screw-top tins supplied and label “Face Cream” (see ingredients list below).
Body Cream
Clean and dry the mixing container thoroughly, then follow the exact same procedure as above, BUT use the remaining 5g bottles of Sweet Almond oil and Grapeseed oil at stages 4 and 5 respectively. Then decant into the remaining screw-top container.

Ingredients Listing

If you want to make a label for your own face and body creams made using this recipe, the ingredients lists should read like this:

Face Cream…  Aqua (Water); Polyethylene, Sodium Polyacrylate (cold-process wax); Rosa Mosqueta (Rose Hip Oil); Prunus Persica (Peach Kernel Oil); Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate (natural preservative).

Body Cream…  Aqua (Water); Polyethylene, Sodium Polyacrylate (cold-process wax); Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil); Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil); Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate (natural preservative).

If you want to make your own versions, you can buy the kit, individual items, and use your own enriching oils and/or butters (if you have any nut or wheat allergies, you should make sure you steer clear of these for example!).

This is a lovely cream, so why not have a go?

Donna x

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