Lovely Pampering Galore!

Have you ever had a pampering day? Do you know, I’m 30 in May and I never had until now!! So, as we’re doing cosmetics and stuff this month, we decided to kick it off by having a pampering day!! We wore face masks (what a shame I forgot to take photos of that!!), painted our nails and had reflexology massage. It was a lovely day, and very relaxing!!

Next up is making all the items possible for treating ourselves to another nice relaxing day!


Donna x

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Pampering Galore!

    1. Strange isn’t it, the things we’ve never done sometimes? I’m surprised you never use the items you make on yourself to have a pamper day though! Maybe you should try it with your friends, let me know how you enjoy it!! Donna x


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