Smelly Soap!

Hello again!

It’s been a busy week trying to catch up with February’s projects!! Nearly all done now though….

Here’s the next, a soap-making craft kit from House of Crafts – lovely and smelly!

Donna x

Soap Making

Ingredients: Soap Compound, Soap Colours, Fragrance

Equipment: Moulds, Pipette, Saucepans, Spoon, Hob


NB Before you start, prepare a large, flat, heat-resistant working surface and cover with newspaper. Make sure you’re in close proximity to your cooker. Wear an apron to protect your clothing. Ensure all equipment and utensils are completely clean before starting. (Note: the dyes in this kit could stain clothing; if this occurs, wash out immediately).

  1. Heat the soap compound, stirring occasionally until it has just melted, and remove immediately from heat.
  2. When the colour is just liquid and no bubbles are seen, add the colour a few grains at a time (it should be added very sparingly, as a little colour goes a long way. The colours provided in the kit are inter-mixable and a variety of shades are possible!). Ensure the colour is completely dissolved by reheating and stirring as necessary.
  3. Once the colour’s dissolved, the fragrance should be added using the pipette – 3-4 drops of fragrance per individual soap – when the mixture is just liquid with no bubbles apparent.  The mixture may be reheated at any time for a few seconds if it appears to be setting, stirring frequently.
  4. Carefully pour the liquid into each of the moulds as required to just below the brim. Leave to cool for approximately 30 minutes, then cover with clingfilm (to avoid contamination with your food) and place in your fridge for an hour to cool and set.
  5. On a working surface, turn the mould upside down and give it a sharp tap to loosen the soaps, which should then fall out. If this appears a problem, return to the fridge for another 30 minutes and try again. The soaps may also be loosened by gently pressing the back of each shape, taking care not to damage the mould.
  6. Make sure you wash up all materials and utensils thoroughly in warm water on completion!

Hints & Tips

  • Cut enough soap compound from the block to make the quantity of soap required. Approximately one tray of six soaps can be made using half of the soap compound.
  • Pearl or opaque soap may be made be adding approximately one teaspoonful of ordinary talcum powder per soap. This should be added after the colour and fragrance, and must be stirred in thoroughly.
  • Double-sided soaps can be made using the cockleshell and starfish mould shapes only. Make the first half of the soap as normal and remove from the mould. Then make an identical second shape, and while this is still liquid place the first half on top of the second (liquid) half. Leave to cool as normal and remove from mould. Any excess soap can carefully trimmed off.
  • The soap can be enhanced be the addition of any natural ingredients such as ground almonds, oatmeal, clean fine sand, ground rice etc, to enable the soap to be used as a body scrub. Approximately 2 teaspoonfuls per soap of the  chosen ingredients should be stirred into the soap mixture before pouring into the mould. NB The mixture should NOT be reheated after adding these items!

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