Massage Bars Galore!

Massage oil is not always easy to use – getting the amount right’s not easy, you can spill it and make a mess. These massage bars from Aromantic ( melt easily in your hands so you can use just the right amount, no waste, no mess. They also make great gifts for friends and family.

Donna x

Massage Bars

Ingredients: 770g Cocoa Butter, 205g Shea Butter Organic (deodorised & filtered), 25ml Essential Oils of your choice

Equipment: Mould tray (I used cupcake trays & papers), 2 saucepans (which fit one inside the other), tablespoon, kitchen scales to accurately measure ingredients


  1. Place all of the Cocoa Butter (770g) and Shea Butter (205g) in a saucepan and melt slowly under steady supervision so that it doesn’t burn.
  2. Cool down by placing the saucepan in a bigger saucepan containing very cold water until the mixture thickens around the edges like a soup. Stir occasionally as it cools.
  3. Add quickly the pre-measured 25ml of Essential Oils of your own choice and stir well. Don’t allow the mixture to thicken too much – you should still be able to pour it.
  4. Pour the mixture quickly into a mould tray.
  5. Put the tray in a fridge until the Massage Bars are hard.
  6. Once hardened, simply turn the mould upside down and press with your fingers on the back of the mould so that the Bars fall out. If they don’t fall out by themselves, knock the mould tray against the table and they’ll usually fall out. You can also put the tray in the freezer for 0.5-1 hour before knocking and removing the Bars from the tray.

Two Variations

Massage Bars with Beeswax (Makes 100 grams)

Stage 1

Melt together 80g Cocoa Butter, 8g Beeswax, 3g Shea Butter

Stage 2

Add 2g/ml Vitamin E Oil, 5ml Borage Oil, 2ml/g Essential Oil (50 drops)

Vitamin Massage Bar (Makes 100 grams)

Stage 1

Melt together 80g Cocoa Butter, 10g Shea Butter, 5ml/g Hemp Seed Oil, 5 drops Green Non-Water Colour (NWB), 5 drops Carotene

Stage 2

Add 2g/ml Vitamin E Oil, 1g/ml Vitamin A Oil, 2 ml/g Essential Oils (50 drops)

Essential Oil Blends (Quantities shown are for 1000ml or the whole mixture) & Other Options
Essential Oils:
Citrus –  Lemon (10ml), Orange (10ml), Lavender (5ml)
Relaxing – Lavender (20ml), Sandalwood (5ml)
Circulation – Rosemary (10ml), Siberian Fir (10ml), Lavender (5ml)
Romantic – Lime (10ml), Ylang Ylang (5ml), Rosewood (5ml), Cardamom (3ml)
Beeswax – Adding 8-15% Beeswax to your Massage Bar will allow it to melt slower and last longer. Beeswax holds the Bar together and makes them harder so its easier to get them out of the moulds. The Beeswax Bars also give more protection to the skin. When adding Beeswax, reduce Cocoa Butter accordingly. NB Do not use Beeswax for people with oily skin or large pores, because the wax will clog and enlarge their pores.

Exfoliating Bar – Add mung or aduki beans in the bottom of the mould before pouring in the Massage Bar liquid.

Vitamin A Palmitate – Add 1-2% for regenerating tired skin, especially dry, irritated or sunburned skin.

Vitamin E Oil – Add 1-2% for dry & mature skin

Bisabolol – Add 1% to calm damaged skin & helps to give shin to dull & lifeless skin.

Gamma Linolenic Acids (GLA) Oils – 5-20% Borage/Evening Primrose Oil for sensitive skin & eczema.

Tiosol – 1-8% natural skin protection factor (SPF).

Apricot Kernel Powder – 1-2% for very hard skin & for scrubbing thick skin on hands & feet.

Zinc Oxide – 1-2% absorbs moisture & is anti-bacterial. Good for wet eczema. A natural white colour.


Use Aromantic’s Colours for Non-Water Based Products (NWB), Pearlescent Colours, or transparent Natural Food Colours to colour your Massage Bars.

Carotene can also be used as a natural yellow colour. Simply add 5-6 drops per 100ml.

Colours for Non-Water Based Products (NWB) – These colours are not light sensitive. Use 3-6 drops per 100ml and add to your blend and stir.

Pearlescent Colours – Use 0.5-1 knifepoint of the pigment. All the colours of the rainbow to choose from!

Transparent Natural Food Colours – These colours are light sensitive and will fade away after some time. All recipes are to add to 100g or Massage Bar mix.

–    Blue – add 2-10 drops of Blue Azulen (with the Cocoa Butter it becomes blue-green)

–    Green – from Chlorophyll. Add 5-10 drops (grass green colour)

–    Orange – from paprika. Add 2-10 drops (yellow to orange-red colour, depending on dosage)

–    White – use up to 1 teaspoon Zinc Oxide or up to 1 teaspoon of Titanium Dioxide.

Normal pigments can’t be used as they will discolour the skin.

Colour tip – the colours will look darker in the Massage Bars. To make pastel colours, blend the Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide or Tiosol with the other colours.


  • A good way to store your Massage Bars is in a box with greaseproof paper between the layers of Bars.
  • If your Bars are too soft, crack or don’t fall out of the moulds, simply re-melt them, adding a little more Essential Oils and pour when like soup.
  • Use simple moulds without too much detail.
  • You can buy different types of muffin moulds to make Massage bars from 20-80g. Silicone moulds work very well.
  • Don’t use moulds with too wide a diameter as they crack more easily.
  • Round moulds are easier to use than square ones.
  • If the mixture cooled down too much before you tried to pour it into the mould tray – it may have a thick, porridge-like consistency, which makes it impossible to pour – simply reheat the mixture, cool it down again and pour when the consistency is similar to a soup.
  • Silicon moulds are very smart to use as they last for a lifetime and they are very easy to remove the Bar from.

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  1. This must be costing you an absolute fortune !!!!!! I have never made one of these, or even used one !! Hope they are good.


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