Beaded Bracelet Workshop

Hello again! I went for a workshop with the lovely Stella at Navajo Beading (, along with my craft buddy Karen, to learn how to make a Spiral Rope Bracelet. How to Make a Spiral Rope Bracelet You’ll Need: 1 stop bead (medium-sized bead), 8 Grams of Core Colour Seed Beeds, 10 Grams of Outer… Continue reading Beaded Bracelet Workshop

A Grand Beading Day Out!

Crafty Karen and I went to The Big Bead Show at Sandown Racecourse, Esher, Surrey at the end of March. It was a great day, though somewhat marred by the fact that I only had one working hand! ¬†Unfortunately we only had the morning there (we ended up at the hospital in the afternoon as… Continue reading A Grand Beading Day Out!

Lovely, Soppy Yaris!

Good News! After a recent visit down to the training HQ of Canine Partners (, I’m finally getting my new assistance dog!! Those of you of know me in the flesh, as it were, know that until Autumn 2010 I had a lovely dog called Fleur (the black lab you see in the pics below).… Continue reading Lovely, Soppy Yaris!

Steak Pie…Mmmmmm!!

Recently I got a really hankering for my grandma’s steak pies. My grandma died at Christmas time 2010, but she used to make the most GORGEOUS steak pies you have ever tasted in your life!! I miss her dearly anyway, but I miss her steak pies too! Anyway, Karen said that she would show me… Continue reading Steak Pie…Mmmmmm!!

An Apology From A Wally!

Hi All! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I broke my hand at the end of last month, so I’ve been stuck unable to do any crafting the last few weeks, and been soooo grumpy!! And not being able to do any crafting meant trying to write about it (even though I had a… Continue reading An Apology From A Wally!