An Apology From A Wally!

Hi All!

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I broke my hand at the end of last month, so I’ve been stuck unable to do any crafting the last few weeks, and been soooo grumpy!! And not being able to do any crafting meant trying to write about it (even though I had a few posts to write and catch up!) was torture, so I thought it would be better to wait until I was feeling a bit better!!

So, why a wally? Well, you’ll laugh when you hear how I hurt my hand – I fell out of my car!! Yes, I was sober at the time – I don’t drink! – it’s just a new car, and where it’s a bit higher than my old one, when I was lifting my wheelchair out I slipped and fell off the seat and out of the car. I hurt my hand most because I landed not just on the floor but on my wheelchair too – ouch!! Two weeks in plaster later (a real nightmare when you’re in a wheelchair and have no carers; thank the Lord for my “adopted mum” and crafty buddy Karen who’s come over twice a day every day since, bless her heart – doubly impressive as she’s in a wheelchair too!!) I’m now in just a splint and magic glove (something to do with reducing the swelling) and doing lots of exercises to get it moving again so I can get crafting asap!!

Anyway, enough boring you for now!! I’m going to finish updating, then see if I can make a rather boring flesh-coloured glove look sparkly & interesting!!

Love as always!!

Donna x


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