Beaded Bracelet Workshop

Hello again!

I went for a workshop with the lovely Stella at Navajo Beading (, along with my craft buddy Karen, to learn how to make a Spiral Rope Bracelet.

How to Make a Spiral Rope Bracelet

You’ll Need:

1 stop bead (medium-sized bead), 8 Grams of Core Colour Seed Beeds, 10 Grams of Outer Colour Seed Beeds, 1 x Clasp, 1 x Beading Needle, Approx. 2 Meters of Thread, Thread Conditioner (Optional), Embroidery Scissors, Clear Nail Varnish/Glue (Optional)


Measure your thread to use – you should use a nice long piece, preferably as long as twice your arm span – and stretch it out so it doesn’t keep curling, before running through the thread conditioner (this keeps it smooth) and threading the needle. On bottom of thread, leave quite a long tail (c.10″ / 20cm) before securing a stop bead (a larger bead that prevents the others falling of the bottom without the need to make big knots).

Step 1

Thread on 4 core colour (C) seed beads and slide along the length of the thread until the beads reach the stop bead. Thread 3 outer colour (O) seed beads and pass the needle back through the 4 C beeds. The 3 O beeds should now be laying alongside the C beeds. (See Fig. 1)

Step 2

Pick up 1 C bead and 3 O beads, let the beads slide down the thread. (see Fig. 2)

Step 3

Pass the needle back through 4 C beads (3 original plus the new one you just picked up), making sure you pull the work up (not too tightly), the new O beads should fall to the left of the previous 3 O beads added. The work will spiral to the left and upwards. (See Fig. 3)

Step 4

Continue to pick up 1 C bead and 3 O beads, letting them fall down the thread, go back through 4 C beads (3 original plus the new one), ensuring that the O beads always fall to the left of the previous beads added. Continue in this way until the desired length is reached. (See Fig. 4)

Step 5

To add the clasp, pick up 2 C beads and pass the needle through one end of the clasp, add 2 more C beads, and sew through the top bead(s) of the bracelet. Sew back through the circle of C beads and the clasp several times to secure well. On the last circle, thread through several beads into the main body of the bracelet before knotting off the thread, cut, thread through the end and, if desired, secure the end with a dab of clear nail varnish / glue.

Return to the other end of the bracelet and carefully remove the stop bead. Thread a needle onto this end of the thread and repeat the process to attach the other end of the clasp. (See Fig. 5)

This makes a beautiful bracelet – have a go for yourself and let me see your beautiful results!

Donna x

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4 thoughts on “Beaded Bracelet Workshop

  1. wow I am impressed!! It’s a couple of years since I have had the time for things like that. I envy your visit to the beading show …. haven’t come across anything like that in NZ, Still my stache of beautiful beads are all in my shed now …. just need the time to sort them all out, along with everything else up there.


    1. I know what you mean about needing to have a sort out Denice – that’s what I had planned for April, but then I went and broke my hand!! Going to try and fit it into the next couple of weeks before Yaris comes, alongside any other projects! Wish me luck with that!!


    2. Oh Denice, everything is sitting ready, so now’s the time to get sorting girl!! You have so much potential lovely crafty goodness at your fingertips in that lovely shed of yours, now you need to get it working for you!! You could always bring a box at a time indoors and sit in front of the telly of a night with it, which is what I’ve been doing with mine!! Makes the time go a lot quicker!!! And just think of the rewards – at the end of each box, a lovely product can be made!! Heaven!!


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