Lovely, Soppy Yaris!

Good News! After a recent visit down to the training HQ of Canine Partners (, I’m finally getting my new assistance dog!! Those of you of know me in the flesh, as it were, know that until Autumn 2010 I had a lovely dog called Fleur (the black lab you see in the pics below). Unfortunately she got too overprotective so she had to go back for more training, and ended up being reassigned to a new partner. I’ve been waiting for a new dog that’s a match ever since, and finally I got the call last month!!

So, say hello to Yaris! He’s a GORGEOUS chocolate lab, and so sweet and affectionate. And where Fleur was very overactive, Yaris is very chilled out – unless there’s a tennis ball involved!! So that’s probably a better match for me at the moment too, while I’m stuck in the house most of the time (though with luck and Yaris on my side, that should change!!). I spent a lovely day working through some basic skills with him, and then having an outdoor play session, and in May I’ll have two weeks of intensive learning with Canine Partners, at the end of which Yaris comes home with me for good!! Yay!!!

So look below at the pictures of my gorgeous boy, and do have a look at Canine Partners’ website to find out more about the work they do and how you can help.

Love as always

Donna x

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