Steak Pie…Mmmmmm!!

Recently I got a really hankering for my grandma’s steak pies. My grandma died at Christmas time 2010, but she used to make the most GORGEOUS steak pies you have ever tasted in your life!! I miss her dearly anyway, but I miss her steak pies too!

Anyway, Karen said that she would show me how to make my own steak pies, so when I miss her and have days like that I can put some together and have a feast! I’d just warn all you purists now though, we have cheated and used ready-made pastry this time round!! Making pastry is coming a bit later in the year – I’m not quite good enough at cooking for that yet!!

So, here’s the recipe that Karen and I put together.


Donna x

Steak Pies

Equipment You’ll Need: Pie Dish, Oven, Saucepan/Steamer, Spoon, Chopping Board & Knife (if adding mushrooms etc), Slatted Ladle

Ingredients: Steak, Pastry, Gravy, Mushrooms (Optional), Mixed Herbs, Salt & Pepper


  1. Cut meat into cubes and put into saucepan / steamer.
  2. Make gravy and add seasoning to taste before pouring over meat in saucepan / steamer.
  3. Cook meat in saucepan / steamer for approximately 15-20 minutes until tender.
  4. Whilst meat cooks, prepare pie dishes. Roll out pastry to ensure it is more than wide enough to cover whole dish, then lay it into the dish and press into shape. Cut excess from round the edges and put to one side to use later to make the lid for the pie.
  5. Prepare the other fillings for the pie (eg mushrooms). Cut them up (washing first where appropriate) and lay out into the prepared dishes.
  6. When the meat is ready remove from the heat, stir thoroughly and then use the slatted ladle to put the meat into the pie dishes before topping off with gravy when complete.
  7. Roll out the remaining pastry to fit the top of the pastry dish, carefully put on the top to make the lid, and make a couple of small holes in the middle to allow the steam to escape whilst cooking in the oven.
  8. Preheat the oven to 200’C / 400’F / Gas Mark 6.
  9. Put the pie in the oven and cook for approximately 25-30 minutes, removing when golden brown.
  10. Eat whilst warm and yummy!!

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2 thoughts on “Steak Pie…Mmmmmm!!

  1. well yours looks a lot more appetizing than the shop made ones. Funny you should post this recipe, as yesterday I went out and bought a mince pie to eat!! I NEVER eat pies, dont like pastry for a start …… but I also had a hankering for one ….. I used to eat them 40 years ago when I lived here …….. it needed more seasoning though!! I hope they were as good as your Granny’s ones!! Practice makes perfect !! Keep op the good work.


    1. Hi Denice!
      It was very yummy, though I don’t think any pies could ever live up to my grandmas! I know what you mean about getting a hankering for one though… Just writing the post this afternoon made me hungry for one!! Might have to make another one!!
      Donna xxx


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