Embellished Ladder Bracelet

Hi again!

So, the first of the two jewellery sessions I’ve squeezed in around everything else since last writing (both with the lovely Stella of Navajo Beading (http://www.navajo-beading.net/)) was to make an Embellished Ladder Bracelet. These are really simple to make, and even look lovely worn either way up!!

Anyway, here’s how to make them:

Embellished Ladder Bracelet

You’ll Need:

Approx. 64 x 4mm Facet Beads (makes a completed bracelet of 7.5 inches – may need more depending on wrist size), approx. 5 grams of size 11 seed beads, 1 x clasp, approx. 2.5 metres of thread, 2 x beading needles, thread conditioner, embroidery scissors, clear nail varnish / glue (optional).


Creating the Ladder

  1. Thread a needle with approximately 2.5 metres (armwidths) of conditioned thread, then thread another needle onto the other end of the thread, so you have a needle on both ends.
  2. String 4 seed beads and 4 facets beads alternatively onto the centre of the thread, starting with a seed bead, then cross the thread back through the last facet bead added. This will form a ring of beads as seen in Fig 1.
  3. On the right hand needle, string 2 seed beads and 2 facet beads alternatively, starting with a seed bead, then on the left hand needle string 1 seed bead, 1 facet bead, 1 seed bead. Push the beads on both needles down the threads to meet the previous beads, and pass the left hand needle through the last facet bead added on the right hand needle to cross over the left hand thread. (see Fig. 2 & 2a)
  4. Repeat step 3 until the bracelet reaches the desired length, ending with the threads crossed in the final facet bead added. (see Fig. 3)
  5. Thread 4 seed beads and the first part of the end clasp onto the right hand needle, and thread 4 seed beads onto the left hand needle. Stitch through all of the seed beads and the end clasp in both directions, using both directions, several times to secure the clasp, ensuring that the needles cross through the last facet bead added. (see Fig. 4)
Embellishing the Ladder
  1. With the needles crossed through the last facet bead added (see Fig. 5),  string 5 seed beads onto the right hand needle, and pass the needle through the seed bead at the top left hand side of the first ring of facet beads, through the facet bead, and back through the bottom right hand seed bead of the next ring of beads. Repeat this step in the opposite direction with the left hand needle to form a criss-cross of seed beads over the ring of facet beads. (see Fig. 6)
  2. Repeat this process down the entire length of the bracelet until every ring of facet beads has been overlaid with a criss-cross of seed beads finally emerging at the far end of the bracelet by crossing the needles through the last facet bead of the last ring. (see Fig. 7)
  3. Repeat step 5 above in order to attach the other end of the clasp to the bracelet.
  4. Finish by knotting the threads using a surgeons knot and sewing the remaining threads back through the beads, taking care to follow the original direction of the thread.
  5. Once your work is secure and you have stitched back through the bracelet, cut off any excess thread. If required, put a small amount of  clear nail varnish or glue to secure the knot, however, take care to ensure that any nail varnish or glue is fully dry and threads have been stitched back through prior to cutting.

I’ve made a couple of these bracelets already, and I know how easy they are and how great they look. Hopefully some of you will be inspired to have a go now too!!

Donna x

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