Bead Weaving

Hi All!

Another thing I’ve tried whilst making jewellery with beads is using a loom to weave beaded jewellery. Crafty Karen bought the loom for me as an Easter present, and we had originally hoped I could use it when I broke my arm earlier this year, but unfortunately it was not to be, as you need too many fingers!!

So anyway, my first attempt (as you’ll see below) wasn’t the greatest – that’s the coloured one. But it did pave the way to a better one. I made it from a deep purple-blue colour and silver, with a kind of swirl to it. I misjudged the size – it’s kind of halfway between a bracelet and a choker!! – but not too bad for a first attempt!! Will have to have another go, now I’ve kind of worked out what to do!!

Donna x

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