Goodbye Jewellery, Hello Parchment!!

So, with May over, I left jewellery making behind and moved onto parchment work. I have to say I have loved doing making jewellery, and I know Karen has – she’s rather addicted!! You can find pictures of everything we made below. Hope you like them!!

Donna x

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Jewellery, Hello Parchment!!

  1. absolutely fabulous. You must have had sooooo much fun. I haven’t had time to bead lately, but I keep finding little pieces of unfinished work from years ago in Wales …. I have unpacked another 10 boxes today …

    for my office …. but most of the stuff has gone in the new loft space Bruce has created in lowering the 3 m stud ceiling !! … so many old old photos, so much nostalga … yes and also 50 photos of me taken by the ” new man” who has just walked back into my life after 43 years….. so much emotion, so many memories ……


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