A Merry Summer Holiday!

In June this year my dad and I went on holiday to the Manor House Hotel in Devon. It’s a hotel that offers a brilliant range of crafts as well as other activities like shooting, falconry (dad loved that one!!), and the usual hotel facilities. We went for 4 activity days (we went there Sunday and came home Friday), and had a great time!  And even with many my allergies, the food was lovely!!

Anyway, during my stay I did as many crafty activities as I could – had to make the most of the time, especially as it meant I got a head-start on learning some new crafty skills for the year!!

So, here’s what I did during my stay there:

Monday – glass engraving & glass enamelling

Tuesday – pottery (stage 1) (spent the afternoon with Yaris, my assistance dog)

Wednesday – pottery (stage 2) (went out to Plymouth for the afternoon with dad and Yaris)

Thursday – porcelain / china painting & glass painting

By the time I came home on Friday I had made an engraved tankard for my dad, a jewellery set for my friend Danielle, a piggy bank, a fairy for my friend Karen, an owl for my granny, a teapot for my sister, and two plates and two glasses for me! I’ve also brought home two cards with teabag-folding papers and had a brief instruction session on that too. Pretty full week huh? Pictures are below as usual, hope you like them!

Donna x

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2 thoughts on “A Merry Summer Holiday!

  1. My gosh Donna, how artistic. You sure had a lot of fun. love the glasses and the jewellery. The birds look great. I don’t know if they do falconry here in NZ. South Wales used to have lots of centres. We lived in an area where the rare Red Kites used to breed…. and I miss them here.


    1. Thanks Denice! I was impressed I managed to make things that looked remotely pretty, cos I’m not artistic at all – can’t even draw stick men! So if I can make such lovely things, so can anyone!!
      The red kites breed around here where we live too. They’re an awesome sight indeed.


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