Iris Card Mark 2 – Sparkly Baubles!

Hello Again!

So, following the owl with the googly eyes, I decided to make a slightly more complicated iris fold card, and made a card with 3 baubles on the front (1 just wasn’t enough(!)) using pretty sparkling papers! If you look closely you will see that, although the same colours have been used on all 3 baubles, the pattern is different.

Once I had made the baubles themselves (using the same method as used for the owl card, just doing each bauble separately), I went on to decorate the front of the card. I used a stencil to make a holly leaves and berry pattern along the bottom, but unfortunately got the middle one a little screwy, so had to cover that with a sticker and the Christmas trees and angel toppers you see on the card. Definitely one to give family this time, and make a second one to improve on my method!!

Hope you like it… minus the mistake!!

Donna x

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