Felt Dolly!


One of my projects in September was a felt doll. She was pretty easy to make, though being a first ever attempt, it’s not the most amazing ever!! Oh, and yes the cheek does look like someone punched her – I don’t wear make-up, so putting blush on the cheeks didn’t work so well! Next time I’ll do better!!

Anyway, in case you want to make a felt dolly of your own, here’s the method. I can send you the proper templates if you want them.


Donna x

(ps I apologise for the quality of the pictures – they’re taken from a dodgy worksheet)

Felt Dolly


35gm stuffing, 2 black beads, 30gm glass beads, 1 bow, 600cm white cotton thread, 300cm brown cotton thread, 40cm black cotton thread, 160cm purple cotton thread, 1 plastic needle.


Step 1: Sew flower button onto part A. Sew 2 black beads onto part B. Align A & B, sew the hair by brown cotton thread as shown in picture.

Step 2: Place parts D & E between step 1 & part C as shown in picture, start back stitching the arms and legs, joining parts by white cotton thread as shown in picture. Then, using brown cotton thread, start back stitching the hair part as shown in picture.

Step 3: Using brown cotton thread, start blanket stitching the hair. Then, using white cotton thread, start blanket stitching the face, arms, body and legs. Fill in the stuffing; glass beads are filled into the buttock and sew off.

Step 4: Sew parts H & I together using purple cotton thread by back stitching, the thread needs to be pulled as tight as possible to gather the skirt. Then sew one more time by blanket stitching to reinforce the gather, as shown in picture.

Step 5: Sew parts F & 2 x G together using white cotton thread by back stitching as shown in picture.

Step 6: Dress up the doll by knotting the skirt at the back side as shown in picture. Glue the bow to the sleeveless jacket.

Step 7: Rose the cheeks using cosmetic powder, and your cute doll is done!

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