Jasmine Necklace


I’ve also been for another lovely session with Stella of Navajo Beading (navajo-beading.net). We worked on a lovely Jasmine Necklace – a whole new, modern take on pearls (yes, I think “eurgh, grannies! ” when I hear pearls too, but trust me, these look great!).


Donna x

Jasmine Necklace

Materials Needed:

4 x 4mm rounds or pearls, 94 x 6mm rounds or pearls, 45 x 8mm rounds or pearls, 10g size 11 seed beads, 1 clasp set, 5mt nymo thread, 2 beading threads


  1. Thread a needle on each end of 3mt thread, and fold in half. Pass the loop of thread at the centre through the clasp, and pass the clasp through the loop.
  2. Pass both needles through 1 seed bead.
  3. On each needle thread 1 seed bead, 1 4mm round, 1 seed bead, pass both needles through a 6mm round in opposite directions (see fig 1)
  4. *On left needle, pick up 1 seed bead, 1 6mm round, 1 seed bead. On right needle, pick up 2 seed beads, 1 6mm round, 2 seed beads, pass both needles through an 8mm round in opposite directions**. (See fig 2)
  5. Repeat from *-** until you have used all the 45 x 8mm round beads.
  6. On each needle, pick up 1 seed bead, 1 6mm round, 1 seed bead, and pass both needles through 1 6mm round in opposite directions. On each needle, pick up 1 seed bead, 1 4mm round, 1 seed bead, pass both needles in same direction through a seed bead.
  7. Pass both needles in opposite directions through the second half of the clasp. Pass back through all the beads, retracing your steps to reinforce. Finish off threads by knotting with half hitch knots between beads, and cut off threads close to work.
  8. Thread 1 needle with 2mt nymo thread this time using the thread double. Knot the thread into necklace at point A (see Fig 4).
  9. To embellish your work, thread through your work until you exit at point B (see Fig B), the first 6mm round you put on. Pick up 9 seed beads and pass through the next 8mm round – the seed beads should sit diagonally across the rounds (see fig 4).
  10. Continue in this manner until you reach the last 6mm round on the necklace. Finish off by threading back through the main part of the necklace, knotting with slip knots after each round. Then cut off all threads close to work.

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