Christmas Ornaments – Crystal Angel

These crystal angels are larger than the others, with a crystal skirt, wings and halo. They are beautiful!

As with the other ornaments, these will be for sale at my Christmas sales, but would love to hear what you think!

Hope you like them!

Donna x

Crystal Angel Christmas Ornaments

Tools Needed: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Ruler, Scissors, Glue

Materials Needed: 282 x 4mm crystal bicones, 96 x 6mm crystal bicones, 6 x 13 x 10mm crystal beads, 12 x 6mm cloudy white round bead, 6 x 14mm cloudy white round bead, 72 x 10mm crystal fanned bead, 60 x 18mm crystal fanned bead, 30 x 25mm crystal fanned bead, 15 x silver pipecleaner.


  1. Cut pipecleaners into 6″ (15.2cm) pieces.
  2. Thread a 13 x 10mm bead onto a group of 4 pipecleaners, approximately 1.75″ (45mm) up from the base of the group, then spread the five tails out to hold in place.
  3. Onto each tail thread 1 x 4mm bicone, 1 x 6mm bicone, 2 x 10mm fanned beads, 2 x 18mm fanned beads and 1 x 25mm fanned bead.
  4. Add a dot of glue to the bottom of each tail, adding an extra 4mm bicone to each tail.
  5. Spread the five tops of the pipecleaners out, bringing three forward and two behind. Thread 1 x 14mm cloudy white round bead onto the front centre top.
  6. Onto the same pipecleaner top, thread on 8 x 4mm crystal bicones.
  7. Twist the pipecleaner top round to form a circle, making a halo above the angel’s head.
  8. Twist the end of the pipecleaner top to secure the beads.
  9. Use the wirecutters to cut the end off the pipecleaner top to finish the halo.
  10. Onto one of the back pipecleaner tops, thread 12 x 4mm bicones.
  11. Bend the threaded pipecleaner top to form it round into a wing shape, then thread around the top of the pipecleaner top in front and bend back to the back of the angel again.
  12. Thread onto the bottom of that 2 x 4mm bicones, then put on a dab of glue before adding on a 6mm bicone to complete the wing.
  13. Repeat the wing formation on the other side and, once they have dried, use the wirecutters to cut off any excess pipecleaner from the bottom and use the pliers to turn the ends under to secure the beads.
  14. On the front two pipecleaners remaining, create the angel’s arms by threading on 2 x 6mm bicones and 1 x 4mm bicone, then 1 x 10mm fanned bead. Add a little dot of glue before putting on 1 x 6mm cloudy white round bead for the hand at the end. Once they’ve dried, use the wirecutters to cut off any excess pipecleaner and use the pliers to turn the ends under to secure the beads.
  15. Thread a length of monofilament line or thread through the top loop of the pipecleaner and tie off.

I’ve moved the hands of my angels together in a “praying” position, to make them look more defined, and then shaped the ends of the wings, but this sort of thing is up to you to do!

As usual, pictures to illustrate. Not the greatest ones from the instruction sheet, but done my best!

Donna x

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments – Crystal Angel

    1. I’m glad you like it! I’ve got quite a lot more to add on, but ran out of time before Christmas! Maybe they could inspire you for next year!!
      I’d love to see some of what you make yourself, and am always looking for ideas for new things to make as part of my project – continuing in 2013!
      Thanks again for visiting, and hope to see you again soon!
      Donna x


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