Christmas Ornaments – Mini Snowflakes

These beautiful little snowflakes are so pretty and easy to make as well. There’s a bigger version too, but these little ones suit a tree or home of any size.

As with the other ornaments, these will be for sale at my Christmas sales, but would love to hear what you think!

Hope you like them!

Donna x

Mini Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Tools Needed: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Scissors, Glue

Materials Needed: 288 x 6mm clear bicones, 288 x 12mm clear fanned beads, 48 x 18mm clear fanned beads, 24 x silver pipecleaners


  1. Cut pipecleaners into 3″ (7.5cm) pieces.
  2. Take 3 pipecleaner pieces and wrap a 4th around the middle of the bundle once.
  3. Onto the 4th pipecleaner thread 1 x 18mm fanned bead on each end (either side of the bundle).
  4. Spread the other 3 pipecleaners out to lie in the gaps in the fanned beads added in step 3.
  5. Cut down the 4th pipecleaners down to 1/4″ (6mm) above the fanned beads.
  6. Use pliers to turn those ends round to close off both sides in tight loops.
  7. On each of the six sides, thread one bicones and two 12mm fanned beads.
  8. Apply a small dot of glue to each branch, next to the beads.
  9. Thread on another bicone over the glue.
  10. On one branch, turn the end round with the pliers into a closed loop for hanging the snowflakes.
  11. Cut all the other branches down to close by the beads, then turn the ends under.
  12. Tie a loop of monofilament line or thread through the loop on the top branch for hanging the ornament.

As usual, pictures to illustrate. Not the greatest ones from the instruction sheet, but done my best!

Donna x

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