My First Sales!

Hi again!

Sorry I’m so far behind with my blogging at the moment, but I’m desperately trying to get ready for some craft fairs I’m doing at the end of this month (details at the end of this post!). I’ll be posting some more stuff in the next week or so I hope!

I thought I’d tell you though that I’ve made my very first direct sales of things I’ve made myself, outside of the family! I’ve been making some Christmas ornaments from beading kits (see the many posts I’m writing at the moment!), and I’ve sold several of these, both to Stella from Navajo Beading (who taught me how to make jewellery) and her friends at the local craft market, after they asked me to show them what I’d made (just over £20 worth to them), and then to some people at one of the local rugby clubs after I was invited to have a stall there by my friend Debbie (just over £13 worth there, including some cards too). All this means I can already give a donation of £15 straight to Canine Partners (, the charity who gave me Yaris, my assistance dog, even before the main craft fairs this month! It’s fantastic news!

Anyway, for those of you who are more local to me, I will also be having a stall at the Letchworth Arts Centre’s Christmas Craft Fair from November 24-December 20 (see, and at the National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, on November 30. It would be great if any of you could show your support! If you can’t make it to the fairs but would like to buy something you’ve seen on my blog, or would like me to make you something, just drop me an email (

Love and best wishes to you all!

Donna x


2 thoughts on “My First Sales!

  1. You did well and have come so far. It’s been great being your friend and we can only go from strength to strength. To watch you interact with people and the smile you have on your face talking to customers it’s great. Even though you’ve had a few hiccups along the way you have beat them and you can keep going onto bigger and better things. Your great and amazing in all ways.
    Lolah x x x
    Debbie xxxxx


    1. Thanks Debbie. I could never get where I have without your help and support. Thank you for putting up with my grumpy moods, and for coming with me to sell my wares! I’ve loved having you as a crafty buddy and hope you’ll continue to join me in 2013!
      Donna x


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