Chain Maille Earrings – Flowers!

My next earrings I made used a new technique for me, chain maille. These flower ones are made using the Japanese 6-in-1 technique, and are made using the method set out below. I bought this kit online, along with some additional ones for making a couple of bracelets and necklaces, and thought I’d start with the earrings – I’m not the most patient of people, so starting small will help me build up to the other items!! The kit also came with a jump-ring opening ring, which I’d never used before. What a great invention! However, if you’ve never used one, don’t have one etc, you can continue using two pliers instead (and this is easier when you have lots of rings threaded onto a single loop anyway!).

Hope you like them!

Donna x

Chain Maille Earrings – Flowers

Tools Needed: Round-Nose & Flat-Nose Pliers (or round-nose pliers and a jump-ring opener)

Materials Needed Large and small jump rings,  2 x Silver Plated Fishhook Earwires


  1. Begin by opening all the large rings and closing all the small rings.
  2. Pick up one large ring, and thread 12 small rings onto it. Close the large ring. Thread another large ring through all the small rings and close. (Fig 1) Each section will be built in a similar way.
  3. You should now have a pair of large rings side by side, being held together by 12 small rings. This will serve as the centre section of the flower pattern. (Fig 2). Each section will be built in a similar way.
  4. MAKE PETAL SECTION 1 Pick up a large open ring. Thread 6 small rings onto it. Now thread the large open ring through 2 of the small rings on the centre section. Close the large ring. Add another large ring on top of the one you just added, threading it through all the small rings. This will be petal 1. (Fig 3)
  5. MAKE PETAL SECTION 2 Pick up a large open ring and add two closed small rings. Now thread it through the next two small rings on the centre section, and through two of the small rings on petal 1. Thread another large ring through the same small rings, on top of the one you just added. This makes a pair of large rings held together by small rings, just like before, and completes petal 2. (Fig 4)
  6. CONTINUE THE PATTERN Repeat the previous step to complete petal 3. For petal 4, add 4 small rings to the first large ring. Leave two of them loose to attach to the next flower in the chain (see Fig 5). Repeat step 4 again to complete petal 5 of the pattern.
  7. FINISH THE FLOWER For petal 6, pick up the 2 small rings on petal 5, 2 on the centre section, and 2 on petal 1 to complete the flower. Thread a second large ring through the same way to finish the flower. (see Fig 6)
  8. ATTACH THE EAR WIRE Petal 1 of the flower will still have 2 small, loose jump rings attached. Insert a small ring through them, and through the small loop in the ear wire. Close the ring, and add a second small ring to complete (see Fig 7)
  9. CONNECT FLOWER SEGMENTS You can stop now if you want only one flower per earring, and make the second earring. If you want two flowers on each earring, repeat steps 1-5 to complete the second flower and thread petal 1 of the new flower through the extra jump ring’s of the previous flower’s petal 4.

And your earrings are complete!!

As usual, pictures to illustrate. Not the greatest ones from the instruction sheet, but done my best!

Donna x

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