Christmas Ornaments – Crystal Twist Trees

A post with one of the Christmas ornaments I made at the end of last year now. These pretty trees are lovely and sparkly, and very different to most I’ve seen.

As with the other ornaments, these were for sale at my Christmas sales, but would love to hear what you think!

Hope you like them!

Donna x

Crystal Twist Trees

Tools Needed: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Ruler, Pencil

Materials Needed: 36 x clear 10mm bicone beads, 108 x clear 8mm bicone beads, 36 x clear 6mm bicone beads, 360 x clear 4mm bicone beads, 6 x   12x10mm base beads, 6 x 13mm glittered star beads, 18 x silver pipecleaners.


  1. Take 3 pipecleaners and make a loop in middle, folding around the pencil.
  2. Slide a star bead onto the pipecleaners, sliding up to meet the pencil and secure the loop. Remove the pencil.
  3. Split the six pipecleaner strands out, and onto each thread (in order) 9 x 4mm beads, 1 x 6mm, 1 x 8mm beads, 1 x 10mm bead, 1 x 4mm bead, 2 x 8mm beads.
  4. Once all six strands are threaded, put a base bead onto the end of all six, and twist them together to finish off.
  5. Trim the excess pipecleaner to 0.5″ past the end of the base bead.
  6. Push the base bead upwards so the base of the tree forms a better shape (see picture below).
  7. Twist the tree to form the finished design. Use pliers to twist the excess pipecleaner at the base up securely into the base bead.
  8. Thread a length of monofilament line or thread through the top loop of the pipecleaner and tie off.

As usual, pictures to illustrate. Not the greatest ones from the instruction sheet, but done my best! And please excuse the shape of my tree – I’m rubbish at getting them the right shape!!

Donna x

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