Yummy Gingerbread… For Wearing!

Something a bit different this time, with a set of necklace and earrings featuring cute little fimo gingerbread men! It’s made using another kit from The Bead Shop, Manchester (www.the-beadshop.co.uk), and is really easy to do!

Hope you like them!

Donna x

Gingerbread Man Necklace & Earrings Kit (designed by Emily Kersh)

Tools Needed: Round-Nose & Flat-Nose Pliers and Wire Cutters

Materials Needed 1 x 18mm Bright Pink Fimo Flower Bead, 1 x 12mm Yellow Fimo Five Petal Flower Bead, 1 x 6mm Czech metallic copper bead, 3 x 20mm Fimo Gingerbread Men Charms, 3 x Swarovski 6mm Xilion Rose Bicone Beads, 3 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Pink (Coral) Pearl Beads, 1 x Crystal Pink (Neon) 4x6mm Swarovski Pearl Bead, 10 x 50mm Silver-Plated Headpins, 10 x 6mm Thin Silver-Plated  Jump Rings, 0.5m Small Steel Trace Silver-Plated Chain, 1 x 14mm Silver-Plated Trigger Catch, 1 x Silver-Plated Extension Chain with Tear Drop, 2 x Silver-Plated Fishhook Earwires, 10 x 50mm Silver-Plated Eyepins.

(allows for extra headpins and eyepins for practising loops, mistakes etc)


First for the necklace:

  1. On a headpin, thread the large pink fimo flower and the 6mm Swarovski bicone, then make a simple or wrapped loop (your choice!).
  2. Repeat step 1 with the yellow fimo flower and the 6mm neon Swarovski pearl, and then with the 6mm copper Czech and the 4mm coral Swzrovski pearl.
  3. Attach a jump ring to the loop on one of the gingerbread men. (see the post about loops, wraps and jump rings for more info about how to do this) This has made all the drops for your necklace.
  4. Find the centre of the chain, and add the pink rose link to the centre using a jump ring. Then add the other drops you made to either side of this, using any pattern you’d like (or using the pictures below for inspiration!).
  5. Check the necklace is the right size, then you are ready to attach the end fastenings! Attach a jump ring to one side of the chain, and thread on the trigger catch. Then add a jump ring to the other end of the chain, this time threading on the extension chain.

And your necklace is complete!

And now for the earrings!!

  1. Onto an eyepin, thread a 6mm Swarovski bicone, followed by a 4mm pearl, and make a loop. Repeat for the other earring.
  2. Open the bottom loop of the eyepin and thread through the loop on the top of gingerbread man. Nb TWIST the top open DO NOT pull! Otherwise the loop will lose its shape!! Repeat for the other earring.
  3. Now attach the earwire by opening the bottom loop on the earwire and hooking it through the top of the eyepin. Make sure you close it securely!! Repeat for the other earring.

And your earrings are complete!!

As usual, pictures to illustrate. Not the greatest ones from the instruction sheet, but done my best!

Donna x

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