Hello Again… And Welcome New Readers!

Hi Again All!

Apologies for the delay in posting, this time of year’s difficult for me (anniversary of my injury).

Anyway, enough of the moaning, and on with the postings! But before I start telling you what I have been up to on the few good days, I just want to say a quick hello and welcome to the new readers I’ve been gaining the last few months! It’s always lovely to know people are actually reading what I’m posting (if a little scary!), so to see the likes, subscriptions and comments being added is truly heartwarming.

So, I just want to say hi to (and if I’ve missed anyone I apologise!!):


Janett (sorellehome.com)

Russell (theverybesttop10.wordpress.com)

Lesley (lesleycarter.wordpress.com)

Pepperbox Couture (pepperboxcouture.wordpress.com)

To Be Aware (idolanuel.wordpress.com)

The Daily Informant (dailyinformant.wordpress.com)

Harsh Reality (opinionatedman.wordpress.com)

Fashion For Lunch (fashionforlunch.wordpress.com)

CraftTinkerHeartee (handymadeheartee.wordpress.com)

Parenting And Stuff (parentingandstuff.wordpress.com)

Silk Road Collector (silkroadcollector.wordpress.com)

Again, I apologise if I’ve missed anyone from the list, I appreciate all of you! And if any of you like what you read, have any ideas you want to share or suggestions for things I could try, please do get in touch!

With love,

Donna x


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