Weekly Catchup

Hi all!
Well, it’s been a busy two weeks! Last week was my birthday, and I seem to have been playing catch up ever since! Still, always worth it for a day off right?
My time management course is going really well – it really makes you look at what exactly you’re doing with your time, and whether those things are actually worth doing. It’s been quite illuminating! This time I’ve been working out the best things to keep doing, and the best things to delegate and to just kick to the kerb. Not so easy for me, especially without anyone to delegate to! Still, hopefully I’ll get there soon. My other issue is that, with my brain damage, the work takes me so much longer than most people to do, so that by the time I’ve actually finished doing it, I don’t get a lot of time to put it into action. Still, hopefully with my reduced timetable of “To Do”s, that will change!!
Anyway, not many crafty things to share with you from the last couple of weeks for the same reason. I’ve made two other Magic Bracelets, one in green and one in purple (which I gave away without taking pics, doh!), and I also made a Spiral Bracelet in a reflective light blue and silver for my friend Sylvia, who helps me walk Yaris (which I wanted to be a gift but she insisted on paying for – naughty Sylvia!). The pic of the Spiral Bracelet is below.

Anyway, best go and finish the work for this week’s lesson, then I can get more creative!!
Speak soon!
Donna x


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