Craft Holiday 2013 – Day 3 – Silk, Paints & Relaxation!

Day 3 of my lovely holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris, as well as lovely food! Had the morning off today so I could have a shower and take my time getting ready, as I’m still exhausted from Sunday’s drive (the joy of barely sleeping!!). So, today I only did 1 craft workshop – silk painting this afternoon. However, I was finished in time to make it up to the Tai Chi session too, so I went to that afterwards. Was lovely and relaxing.. Just a shame I had to climb steep ramps afterwards, which bunched my muscles again!!
The silk painting session was great fun. I’ve had a go at a taster session when at a craft exhibition, but that was just using a couple of colours to colour a couple of small circles, and it’s a craft that’s been high on my list of those I wanted to try again (properly this time!) as part of this project. I have got a kit at home, but have been too scared to do it alone, so this was an ideal opportunity to have a go, make mistakes, and get help with any major problems, then go home and do the kit with more confidence!
I used a pre-prepared image (that good old lack of artistic ability!!), but the basic steps involved in silk painting are:

1) Prepare your silk, attaching it securely to a frame
2) Decide what image you want to use and draw it on your silk using GESSO. This is an outliner
that creates a raised barrier to stop the paint flowing into other sections of the painting, so
make sure all your lines meet and your areas you want different colours in are separated.
3) Using clean brushes each time, apply your silk paints – apply a little to each section and
allow it to spread out, deciding if you want a darker colour (need to add more paint) only
once area has filled – too much too soon, and you’re stuck with it!!
4) Use any special features tools required as you work (salt, lightener etc)
5) If making a wearable item, iron your completed piece to set paints and make your work for
safe for washing. (Nb remember correct heat settings for iron and washing instructions – it is
6) When complete, put work aside to dry, laid horizontally, for up to 24 hours.
7) Decorate to your heart’s content – this could mean leaving as it is, adding a little embroidery,
or even some beadwork. Whatever you want! Just bear in mind what its final use will be –
you don’t want lumpy beads on a scarf for instance!

And that’s how it’s made!!

Below are the images of the silk painting I made, from start to finish. (And yes, i know the yellow’s gone outside the lines – it wasn’t my fault this time, honest!! The little dots everywhere else were, thanks to my shaky hands, but the yellow outside the main image seeped outside the line – proof what can happen if gesso isn’t done right (though its a little annoying when i bought it readymade!!))
Apologies that they’re not the greatest quality, or in my usual slideshow format, I don’t have my usual editing software.
Talk tomorrow!






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