Craft Holiday – Day 5

Day 5 of my brilliant holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris too, as well as lovely food!
Today is a hard day for me as it is my son’s birthday. Unfortunately, he was adopted as a baby for personal reasons, so today’s a hard day to get through each year as I spend it thinking of him, wondering what he’s doing doing and hoping he’s okay and having a good time. That’s one of the reasons I come away this week – distracting myself with activity always helps me cope!
I did have a busy day planned, but unfortunately both my earlier workshops got cancelled, so I spent most of the day reading and playing with Yaris. I wish I’d known sooner as I could have made other plans, but never mind.
The one workshop that did go ahead was Tai Chi at the end of the day – an hour of relaxation which was very welcome! Although we did the same Form (a sequence of moves) as last time I went, our instructor Pippa very kindly ran it through on the other side this time, so that I now know it both ways. I know that in theory I could have worked this out for myself, but unfortunately my brain injury means that things like that are really hard for me now.
So, all in all, a very empty day and nothing really to tell you about this time! Should have more to tell you about tomorrow though!
Until then..
Donna x

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