Craft Holiday Day 8 – Tai Chi, Massage & Pretty Mugs!

Day 8 of my lovely holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris, as well as lovely food! So sad I’m into my last week, as its been great being somewhere I feel safe enough to spend time out playing with Yaris and where I can get plenty to eat and do without a struggle. But I have to admit, it is getting a little hard to work the workshops I have left to do into my schedule (though part of that is because I did some of the others last year and don’t want to do them again this year!) – any longer than I am here for, and I think I’d get a bit bored, without more trips out! As it is, I’m going to attempt a trip into the local town one day this week, all being well. But more on that later in the week!

Had a slow start to the day which was lovely, as the length of the stay is starting to tell a bit – I’m not used to doing so much, every day, consistently! But that’s definitely going to start changing when I get home, particularly the amount of exercise Yaris and I get, and the amount of crafting I do. I’d also really like to find a Tai Chi group to join, to learn more and improve my relaxation.

Anyway, after another lovely breakfast (did I mention how great the food is?!), I went to Tai Chi again first thing. I’m really enjoying it, and the tutor Pippa (same lady who is doing my wonderful massages) shows me how to do things in my seated position too so I’m included all the time, which is really lovely. She’s also given me some new exercises of my own to do at home, to continue with the relaxing and moving of my body. I’ve taken some pictures to remind me how to do them (alongside the written notes she’s given me), but will have to ask her permission to put all that on here!!

This afternoon I had a workshop on pottery transfers. These are pre-glued images, like big stickers, and are applied to ready-made items such as plates, cups, vases, money boxes, etc. Once they’re finished and fired, you can barely tell how they’ve been applied – they almost look like they’ve been printed straight onto the china!
To do this, we used the following method:
1) Choose which transfers and items you’d like to use. I chose to make some mugs, and a
mixture of Christmas images and some that suited my family.
2) Prepare your workspace – you will need: your transfers and the items to be applied to, a tub
of water (big enough to soak your whole transfer in without bending it) filled 1/4 full, plenty of
kitchen paper, a towel for your hands, scissors & a craft knife.
3) Clean your item(s) to ensure there is no dirt/residue on them.
4) Remove the tracing paper-like cover from your first transfer (if applicable) and soak your
transfer in water for a couple of minutes, until the transfer will slide easily from the backing
paper (be careful when testing this – if you’re too rough, you will break the transfer!!)
5) Take the transfer off its backing and carefully apply to your item, avoiding lumps and bumps
as much as possible. This is probably the trickiest bit!!
6) Use the kitchen paper to gently wipe over the image, making sure any bubbles and creases
are worked out – when fired, these will burst and make a big white hole in your image if left!
7) Repeat steps 1-6 until you’re happy with your item(s), but bear in mind that you don’t need to
fill every inch of an item for it to look good!!
8) When all your items are complete, place in a kiln at 800′ and fire to fix the transfers.
And you’ve finished!!

Below are pictures of my work. Sorry again that they’re not the greatest quality, or in my usual slideshow format, but I don’t have my usual editing software.
Talk tomorrow!

Pics of some work to follow – waiting for them to be fired and forgot to take any before putting them in the firing queue!












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