Craft Holiday Day 9 – The Day That Didn’t Go To Plan!

Day 9 of my lovely holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris, as well as lovely food! And with the beautiful sunshine finally in evidence for most of the day instead of horrible wind and rain, it was lovely for me to spend time outside too!

Today’s activities that I had planned have not worked out at all! I was supposed to have Dancercise this morning, but the tutor didn’t come. Bit disappointed as one of the things I really miss about being in a chair is not being able to dance anymore. She was also supposed to be leading the Pilates class I was considering going to afterwards as well, so that plan didn’t work!! Instead, I spent a while sitting and chatting with a couple of lovely ladies I’ve made friends with here, before heading outside for a play with Yaris.

After an early lunch, it was over to the craft centre to arrange the collection of my finished and fired decorated mugs, cake stand and cake slice, before heading down to the enamelling workshop. I didn’t want to make another item, but the one I’d made my gran was damaged, so I needed to repair it. That didn’t take long, so then I spent a while making some greetings cards before heading back out to play with Yaris in the (slightly cooler) sunshine.

So, a boring day from your point of view as there’s nothing new for you to see, but a good one from mine as I got a relaxing pace and some sunshine at last!
Talk tomorrow!

Ps Below are some new pics of the rest of the mugs I made yesterday! Take a look at the one with the big robin on it (patchwork effect backing) – demonstrates exactly why you need to be careful there’s no bubbles in the transfers and be careful when handling them, or you end up with tears and big white holes!! Makes for a good demo mug though!








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