Evening Crafting!

So, after coming home from my lovely holiday, I’m still rather exhausted! I’ve got all these lovely ideas in my head for things I want to try after learning new techniques on holiday, but right now I have no energy at all for doing them!

Instead, the last couple of days, I have done a small cross-stitch picture in the evening while watching television, which I will then out into a card. These always sell really well when I do craft fairs, especially the Christmas ones. However, to start with I have made a vase of flowers and a birthday cake slice, as I have birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks that I can use them for.

I have also made a little cushion with a cross-stitch picture on the front. This is a kit I got from a company called The Stitching Shed, and made by the following method:
1) Complete your cross-stitch picture, following the chart. If required, then hand-wash and lightly press your finished piece on the wrong side, underneath a clean tea towel/cloth.
2) Count 7 rows of aida out from the solid line of stitching, and trim to this 7th row, all the way round your stitching. Then fray back two rows on all sides.
3) Take one piece of your felt and align the cross-stitch centrally onto it, then stitch around the outside to secure, using white thread to blend with aida. (Use running stitch)
3) Attach buttons to each corner of cross-stitch.
4) Place two felt pieces together, with cross-stitch piece facing outside, and use purple thread to stitch around outside of the cushion, using blanket stitch, leaving a 2″ gap at the top.
5) Fill the cushion through the gap, ensuring you push the stuffing right down to bottom and corners, and making sure stuffing is evenly spread throughout.
6) When you’re happy with filling, finish sewing shut the gap and fasten securely to complete the cushion.
And you’re done!!



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