A New Take On The Crippled Crafter!

Hi All! While looking at other blogs I read, I noticed that most have pictures of the bloggers on them. As you’ll have seen, I most definitely don’t at present – I’m definitely a behind- instead of in-front-of the camera person. So, how best to tackle this situation? One of the blogs I read is… Continue reading A New Take On The Crippled Crafter!

More Welcomes!

Hi Again All! Just a quick post to say hello to more newbies! Included (but not limited to) are: Zany Zac (zanyzacreviews.wordpress.com) Cristian Mihai (cristianmihai.net) Chris Martin (not the Cold Play singer!) (chrismartinwrites.wordpress.com) Sunnysleevez (sunnysleevez.wordpress.com) 1createblogs (createblog.co) H (a lovely lady, not the man from Steps!) (potsyblogger.wordpress.com) Toemailer (toemail.wordpress.com) The Coff (thecitizensoffashion.com) NickiM (buzyday.com) Moolta.com… Continue reading More Welcomes!

Hi All!

Hi Everyone! Apologies for not posting for a bit, I’ve been building up to an operation and the antibiotics have knocked me flat out on top of all my other pills! Anyway, with that now out of the way, I’m hoping to finally catch up a bit over the next week or so. Just out… Continue reading Hi All!