An Explosive Necklace!

Hello Again!!

Do you remember the Emerald Fireworks Bracelet I made not long ago? Well, I’ve now made a matching necklace to go with it. It’s also a kit from The Bead Shop, Manchester, designed by Janine McGinnies.

Here’s the tutorial:

Emerald Fireworks Necklace (Designed by Janine McGinnies)

Materials Needed:

20 x 6mm Emerald Swarovski Xilion Bicones, 20 x 4mm Blue Zircon Swarovski Xilion Bicones, 1g Dyed Silver Lined Blue Zircon Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads, 3m Smoke Fireline Bead Thread, 1 x Black Plated Extension Chain with Tear Drop, 1 x Black Plated Heart Trigger Clasp, 15 x Black Plated 5mm Thin Jump Rings, 5 x 4mm Black Plated 4mm Thin Jump Rings, 0.5m Black Plated Small Steel Trace Chain

Tools Needed: Size 10 Beading Needle, Flat Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers


To start your necklace, you will need to make all of the Swarovski Bicone sections.

  1. Cut 1 metre of the Fireline thread and thread this through your needle.
  2. Thread a 6mm Bicone onto your needle, followed by a seed bead, and repeat this 6 times in total. When you have 6 bicones and seed beads, pull your needle through until you have about 2 inches of thread left at the end. Then thread back through the beads, starting with the one furthest away from your needle, and pull into a loop. Your beads should create a neat little circle and you can use the two ends of thread to create a knot to secure. Don’t cut the ends! NB For the larger section, use 8 bicones in both 6mm and 4mm.
  3. Next, you will create the fringe of bicones so you can tie the section up into a tight “flower” shape. Start by passing your needle through the next bicone and seed bead, next to where you tied the initial circle together and add a seed bead, a 4mm bicone and another seed bead to your thread.
  4. Pass back through the 4mm bicone and seed bead closest to the circle and pull tight. Secure this section of “fringe” by passing back through the seed bead below that is part of the initial circle. Then pass through the next 6mm bicone and seed bead, and repeat the process until you have the shape in Fig 2.
  5. When all the sections are complete, thread through to the next 6mm bicone and seed bead on the circle, and then thread up the fringe and out of the 4mm bicone (careful not to thread out of the top seed bead – we’ll use them next!). Then thread back through the next 4mm bicone along, down through the fringe and to the next 6mm bicone and seed bead before repeating the process right round the circle.
  6. Finally, to tie this section together, thread all the very top seed beads in a circle and pull tight. This will create a circular dome shape (though the larger one will be a bit flatter). Go around the circle 3-4 times until it is tight and secure, then thread round to the side that has the spare 2 inches of thread from the beginning, thread down to meet the thread, and tie the ends together to secure. Snip off any ends, and you have your first complete section!
  7. Repeat until you have 2 small sections and one large section.

When all the sections are complete, you can assemble your necklace

  1. Carefully thread a 5mm jump ring between the beads for each section.
  2. Connect the sections using 4mm jump rings to form a link between the 5mm jump rings.
  3. Decide what length you want your necklace to be, then cut your chain to the correct length (you can measure by holding it up to your neck to see where it sits best) and attach your bicone sections. Remember that the sections of your necklace are designed to sit on the side, so one side of your chain will be longer than the other.
  4. When everything is connected, add an extension chain to one side and your heart clasp to the other, and your necklace is done!

Hope you like my necklace!

Donna x

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