Autumn Days!

Hi all!

Bit on an interesting post for you this time. I’m taking part in the Blogpal project at the moment. Wondering what Blogpal is? Blogpal is a semi-monthly blog partner project where bloggers get matched up with other bloggers to make new friends / collaborate on posts and stretch their comfort zone. You can find more information on it here.

My Blogpal partner is Robyn from Robyn’s View, and she is pretty cool. You can visit her blog here and read some of her excellent posts! Together we are working on two projects over the next two weeks, so hopefully you will see something a bit different!

This week’s project theme is Fall or Autumn. A lot of people involved in the project have made things involving pumpkins, wreaths or Halloween, but I wanted to do something a bit different, especially as here in the UK we don’t have Thanksgiving and don’t really do Halloween (unless you’re a little kid!). The one problem left for me was that it’s not really Autumn yet (we finally got some summer weather here!!), so making anything Autumn-themed is very difficult!

Anyway, after a bit of a brainstorm, I came up with the idea to make a wooden box with Autumn leaves on the top. I managed to find a few that looked fairly Autumny (that’s a word, right?!) while walking Yaris the other day, and dug out an appropriate shaped wooden box to go with it, along with some glittered gold spray paint, white acrylic paint, sandpaper and varnish (and paintbrushes). Then I made the box as follows;

Autumn Box

Materials: Autumn Leaves, Wooden Box, Gold Glitter Spray Paint, White Acrylic Paint, Wood Varnish

Tools: Sandpaper, Paintbrushes, Cardboard Box, Newspaper, Damp Cloth


  1. Lightly sand all sides of the box and wipe clean of dust with the damp cloth
  2. Once dry, apply two complete coats of white acrylic paint, allowing time to dry between coats, to act as a base coat.
  3. Set up a spray booth – place plenty of newspaper over your work surface, then place the cardboard box on top. Ensure you are in a well-ventilated space with all windows etc open.
  4. Following the instructions on the can, spray the box with at least two coats of gold glitter spray paint all over, allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats.
  5. Apply two coats of varnish, allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats.
  6. While the varnish dries, work out the arrangement you want to use for your leaves on top.
  7. Coat the top of the box with strong glue, then arrange the first layer of leaves. Give them a minute to stick, then coat them with more glue, before adding the next layer, until complete.
  8. When finished, add an extra two layers of varnish, allowing it to dry between layers.

And your gorgeous box is finished!

I did fancy adding a strip of ribbon around the edge of the box, but didn’t have the correct colour. I attempted to tea-dye what I did have, but it didn’t work out – see pictures below!!

See you next time!

Lolah xxx

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