Pretty New Fabrics From a Hidden Treasure!


On the way home from the hospital a couple of weeks ago I discovered a hidden treasure in The Barn Courtyard off the High Street in Wendover, Buckinghamshire – a little shop called Fabric HQ that is filled to the brim with the most beautiful fabrics and other sewing bits and bobs . It’s in a little courtyard with a gravel parking lot (which caused me a little problem to start with as my wheelchair sinks in it, and I got stuck!), and even though the fabrics and stuff are upstairs, lovely Rae brought it all downstairs to show me. After LOTS of admiring and browsing and chatting, I finally decided on the fabrics below, with the help of Yaris, my ever-helpful decision-maker!

So, a big thank you to Mel and Rae for all their help, for rearranging their shops for me, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon!!

Donna x

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