Drinking Fit!


Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I’ve signed up to take part in the Blogpal scheme this month. Last week’s topic I chose was Fitness, and I decided to make a drink bottle holder to match the yoga mat holder I made for mum. This will make a lovely pair, and will make carrying the equipment needed to her classes much easier.

Unlike with the yoga mat holder, where I had an old one to take apart for measurements, I had to make the drink bottle holder completely from scratch. This meant lots of measurements and attempting to do some maths!! Before 2007 this would never have been a problem for me, but now with my brain problems, thinking like this is difficult for me, and took longer than any other part of the rest of the construction of the holder (and even then I had to get my dad to help me with the final calculations!)!

Here’s how I made it:

Drinking Bottle Carrier

Materials: Yoga fabric, purple thread, drawstring, toggle, webbing

Tools: Compass, pencil, ruler, dressmaking pattern paper, pins, scissors, needles (inc large eye for threading drawstring), sewing machine


  1. Measure drink bottle to be accommodated in holder (height, circumference, diameter etc)
  2. Make paper pattern for holder – circular piece for base, rectangle for body (in pieces if req) inc 1.5cm seam allowance and extra 1cm at top for drawstring channel
  3. Use the pattern to cut out the material pieces, being careful to take into account the direction of the pattern on the material if applicable. Remember to cut 2 circular base pieces (one for inside and one for outside!
  4. Sew the first stage of material pieces together – the two circular base pieces (faces together, leaving a gap, cut down the seams then turn through to right side out and close the gap), and sew together any separate body pieces (put them right sides together (careful of the patterns!!), trim down and iron open seams, then open out again).
  5. On complete body piece, turn down top seam 0.5cm and sew, then turn down another 1cm and sew again. This gives an open 1cm channel to feed through the drawstring.
  6. Cut your webbing for your handle, and attach to your bag’s body using pins. Sew around the ends with machine, forming squares with crosses across centre.
  7. Now turn the body piece so the right sides are facing and it forms a long tube, so you can sew the long side seam. Iron this open afterwards.
  8. Next you will attach the body to the circular base, which is the most difficult part! Take time pinning them together, and then you can sew much more easily.
  9. Finally, turn the bag back in the right way, thread the drawstring through the channel using a large-eyed needle, add the toggle to hold them together, and knot the ends off.

And that’s how to make one of these water bottle holders!

Hope that it makes sense to you, let me know if you have any questions.

Back soon

Donna x

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