Life just keeps interfering!!

Hi all!
Just a quick post to apologise for being quiet for so long! I was on a course last week to qualify as a wheelchair dance tutor (which I passed with distinction!!), and that’s kind of taken over my life the last couple of weeks!!
Before that, I was doing a stock check of all the items I’ve already made while crafting, so I know what I’ve got ready to sell at the craft fairs I’m going to be doing the next couple of months. It reassured me a bit as I had more than I thought, but at the same time it showed me how many posts I’ve got unwritten for this blog too!!! So, I’m going to write a couple in the next week or two that have summaries rather than full tutorials, and may go into them at a later date, otherwise some of these items may never make it to the blog!!
Anyway, better go and make some breakfast for Yaris, before he jumps on my stomach again!!
Talk soon!
Donna x

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