As one year ends…


Hi everyone!
First, let me just say I am so sorry for such a long break in posting! I’ve had 3 craft fairs in the last month and between the preparation, the fairs and the post-fair exhaustion, I’ve just not been able to do anything else! I’ve spent the last two weeks practically glued to the sofa and living in my pjs, which hasn’t pleased Yaris!!
It’s not all bad, though – I’ve raised a decent amount of money from the fairs. As regular readers will know, I do the fairs to raise money for Canine Partners (who gave me Yaris, my lovely assistance dog), and this year I’m also making a donation to the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association UK, which is the organisation I’ve qualified to teach wheelchair dancing with (more on that in the new year!). Final amounts to be confirmed still, but it’s looking good!
And as well as the money, I’ve also made some new customers and friends from doing the fairs, especially the new one I did in the town centre here in Letchworth, some of whom have come to see my blog (hi to you! Please bear with me, it’s not usually so out of date!!).
One thing that was raised by quite a lot of people when they were shopping on my stall was the question of whether I had an online shop that they could use. So, my plan over the next couple of months, alongside updating the blog with the posts I’ve got in progress, is to set up an online shop and link it over here. Then over the rest of next year I want to redo my blog layout, set up a proper Facebook page, link to my Pinterest page, and sort out twitter and Flickr too – got the accounts already existing, just need to actually put the content on there now!! So all that should keep me busy, alongside learning new crafts still. Yes, I am continuing with that resolution, just without the time requirement – I have my list I’m plugging away on, and I’ll get there eventually!
Anyway, I’d better go and finish wrapping presents, then I’m going to lay down again; my brain hurts already, just thinking about all this!!
Hope you and your family all have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year celebration, and speak to you in 2014!!!
With love,
Donna xxx


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