Starting again – with a crafty mess!

Hi all!
So, January has come and gone without me seeing much of it. I’ve had kind of a rough time health-wise, but I’m not here to moan about that. After such a false start to the year, I’ve decided to use the Chinese New Year as an opportunity to make a fresh start, so lets have another try!!
While I’m attempting to catch up on the backlog of project pictures that need uploading and editing for posts, I’ve set up an Instagram account to share my progress this year too. This will make it easier to keep up to date for you guys, along with the Crippled Crafter Facebook page. So, if you’re interested, go have a look to see what I’m up to at CrippledCrafts on Instagram, or on Facebook!
The first set of pictures you’ll see is my secret shame – the appalling state of my craft room and supplies. Things have gotten rather out of control and messy, and needed a LOT of work!! There’s a set of before photos, and some photos of the in-progress state of the craft room. It’s a work in progress, and one which will probably take all year!!
Anyway, enough waffling! Speak again soon.
Donna x










2 thoughts on “Starting again – with a crafty mess!

  1. My space is smaller than this, but very similar! Bags and boxes and stacks and piles all waiting to be made into something. My biggest creative endeavor is keeping all of these things from land-sliding!


    1. I’m glad it’s not just me!! But why is it that no matter how much we try to organise and reduce them, the piles seem to grow and grow?! I’m sure I’m not buying more stuff, so where’s it all coming from?!
      Hope you have more luck than I’m currently having!
      Donna x


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