Answer Me This & The Radio Show About Podcasts

Hi all!
This post’s slightly off-topic for me, as it’s not about crafting, but I really wanted to share with you about something. I listen to a podcast called Answer Me This – a really funny podcast, which answers listeners’ questions about almost anything – and the hosts Helen and Olly recently presented a programme on BBC Radio 4 about podcasts and their history.
I listened to this programme, and it was really interesting. They covered who first gave them the name (a journalist looking for a word to describe them in an article when they started 10 years ago), how they were initially just geeky programming code exchanges, and the array of topics, presenters, methods of production and more that have all developed since. I learnt a lot listening to the programme, but it wasn’t a “heavy” format, so it was easy to listen to. And I’ve found a couple more new podcasts to listen to while crafting too!!
Anyway, you can still find the programme online here if you’re interested in having a listen!
Speak soon
Donna x

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