Craft Holiday 2014: Day 2 – A Day of Mess!!

Hi All!
As my App didn’t want to work while I was on hols the last two week (& I spent ages writing the posts up too!!) thought I’d post them now I’m home. Will post one or two a day for the next week or two, giving me time to recover!!
Anyway, enjoy, and talk soon!
Donna x
Ps please excuse the images not all being of greatest quality, was using my iPad to take and edit them. Now I’m home will see if can improve them for the roundup post at the end, and the tutorials to follow, but wanted to post these as they were done.


Hi all!
Such a busy day today! It’s my first full day on holiday, and it really was a full one! I decided to get the worst of the messy workshops out of the way in one day, so I’ve done some silk painting, glass painting and fabric painting!! It was quite fun though, so worth the exhaustion that’s making it hard to keep my eyes open right now!!
In silk painting I made 4 pictures to be put into greetings cards. They have a flowers theme, and with the lovely bold colours I’ve used (I’m a bold colours, simple images kind of girl!!), they do look pretty cool, even if I do say so myself! Although there’s paint in the wide borders, I’m not too bothered about that as I’m going to mount the pictures without the borders showing, so nobody will know!
In fabric painting I used fabric markers (as a change from the paints I’d used in the session before!) and painted a shopping bag with a funky owls picture on it (I can’t even draw stick men, so couldn’t draw anything myself, and didnt feel up to doing something using stencils or traced images). I loved the picture on this bag, and have gone for some lovely bright colours again, though there were a lot of pens that didn’t work, so ended up with some dodgy bits! By the way, I took the dodgy mark by the bottom row, where I’d dropped a pen, and turned it into a flower to make it less icky-looking. Still looks a bit daft, but best I could manage. And as this is a gift for a very forgiving person, I’m hoping she will let me off!!
Finally, in glass painting, I made two glasses that my friend had asked me to make for her new housemates, which will make a great set together with the one I’m making her. I was rather scared doing this, as I don’t know these friends so couldn’t really tailor the designs too well from personal knowledge of them. But I used what little knowledge I had (their names & that they like girly stuff and drink wine!) to make the designs you see below. Hope they like them! Haven’t painted my friend’s as I’m going to engrave hers first, then paint it.
Anyway, hope you like my first day’s work! Will put more detailed tutorials for things at a later date, but wanted you to get an idea of what I’m up to each day!!
Speak soon!
Donna x




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