Crafty Holiday 2014: Day 4 – Dancing & Stitches

Hi All!
As my App didn’t want to work while I was on hols the last two week (& I spent ages writing the posts up too!!) thought I’d post them now I’m home. Will post one or two a day for the next week or two, giving me time to recover!!
Anyway, enjoy, and talk soon!
Donna x
Ps please excuse the images not all being of greatest quality, was using my iPad to take and edit them. Now I’m home will see if can improve them for the roundup post at the end, and the tutorials to follow, but wanted to post these as they were done.


Hi all!
It’s my fourth full day on holiday, and a true day of contrasts. This morning was all about dancing, while this afternoon was just chilling with a bit of patchwork.
I took part in two dance workshops (taught by the same tutor) this morning – Bollywood, followed by a bit of Charleston. Both were great fun, and also gave me some great ideas for the wheelchair dancing lessons I’m going to be starting to teach in the autumn, all being well!
Following a lovely lunch and Yaris’s playtime, it was time for a lovely chilled afternoon of patchwork. Most of the ladies in the workshop were either making basic hexagons as they’d not done patchwork before. I decided, however, to make some squares for the quilt I’m making (very, very slowly!!) at home. So, after picking out some lovely red and green materials to match the rest of the work done so far, I got down to business. They’re made using the following process:
1) Make templates for both fabric and paper size shapes (fabric is larger by seam allowance each side)
2) Cut out paper shapes (need enough for one per square making – I like to use paper from my recycling pile at home!)
3) Cut out material shapes
4) Take 1 paper and 1 material shape, and carefully fold the excess (seam allowance) on each side over the paper side carefully,
tacking it down as you go round, and ensuring the corners are crisply folded
5) Repeat process to make as many shapes as required
6) Take 2 completed shapes and place right sides together. Then, using a matching thread and small stitches, sew the squares
7) Repeat process to join shapes in blocks/rows/shapes as required
And that’s how it’s done! Sounds quite complicated but is actually relaxing – I like doing this in front of the TV of an evening to keep my hands busy, but my brain not so much!
Anyway, as always, pictures are below for my patchwork. Hope you like my material choices! Didn’t take any during the dancing (was too busy enjoying myself!!) so you’ll just have to imagine it for yourself!!! Or maybe better not… No, stop! Stop now!! Before your brain explodes!!! He he!!
Speak soon!
Donna x



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