Crafty Holiday 2014: Day 9 – A Shooting Victory, A Glass Gift Complete & Some More Glass Cards

Hi All!
As my App didn’t want to work while I was on hols the last two week (& I spent ages writing the posts up too!!) thought I’d post them now I’m home. Will post one or two a day for the next week or two, giving me time to recover!!
Anyway, enjoy, and talk soon!
Donna x
Ps please excuse the images not all being of greatest quality, was using my iPad to take and edit them. Now I’m home will see if can improve them for the roundup post at the end, and the tutorials to follow, but wanted to post these as they were done.

Hi all!
It’s my ninth full day on holiday, and been a busy one!
Started the day with dad and I visiting the air pistols range together. It was great fun, though very tiring for us both! Dad was particularly good at it, and won the day’s shooting record with a total of 82! Not bad for someone with the Parkinson’s shakes!!
After lunch I finished off the glass I’ve been making for my friend Danielle – I’d already engraved it, so just needed to add paints to some areas. Only needs to be fired, and hopefully will look pretty good. I hope she likes it, and the ones she asked me to make for her flatmates! There’s a picture of the finished glass, and those for her flatmates, below.
Finished the day with some more cardmaking, and although I’d gone to the workshop with the idea of making some with teabag folding or something similar, I decided in the end to make more of glass painting-effect cards, as they look really good, yet are quick and fairly simple to do. I managed to make 6 this session (as I’d used part of the time on my glass), and have got a few to bring home and do as well.
All in all, another productive day! Pictures of the glasses and cards below – hope you like them!
Speak soon!
Donna x










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