Crafty Holiday 2014: Day 11 – Archery, Sunbathing & Packing

Hi All!
As my App didn’t want to work while I was on hols (& I spent ages writing the posts up too!!) thought I’d post them now I’m home. Will post one or two a day for the next week or two, giving me time to recover!!
Anyway, enjoy, and talk soon!
Donna x
Ps please excuse the images not all being of greatest quality, was using my iPad to take and edit them. Now I’m home will see if can improve them for the roundup post at the end, and the tutorials to follow, but wanted to post these as they were done.

Hi all!
It’s my eleventh full day on holiday, and the last full day here… Boo hoo!! I love being here, it’s so fun, and so much freer than at home. But all good things must come to an end!
This morning dad and I went and had a go at the archery sessions they run here, which was great fun. I did try archery when I was in the spinal unit, but that was 7 years ago now, so I’ve forgotten everything I learnt (I do have trouble even remembering what I had for breakfast thanks to my memory issues after all!!). The teacher was great, and really patient with me, and I actually managed to do quite well! But dad naturally did even better, despite his Parkinson’s shakes, so he won the competition again! And the good thing is that the teacher also gave me a couple of pointers for places I can try looking for where to find information about accessible archery ranges local to me, so I may try and find somewhere I can go. But that will have to wait until I’ve got my dancing classes started in a few weeks – everything else is kind of on hold until that’s out of the way!
This afternoon dad and I had a drink and relaxed in the sunshine for a while, then after a rest I did my packing and made sure I had everything collected from the craft centre so I didn’t leave anything behind! Once it had cooled down a bit I had a good play with Yaris, then went and sat outside in the sunshine with my jewellery I was making to take home for some friends (no pics of these here – will show them in a later post as don’t want to spoil the surprise!!)
We had a special dinner to celebrate our week together, then it was time for an early night to make sure we were ready for the long drive tomorrow.
Speak soon!
Donna x


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