How To Sew With Beeswax

Hi all!
Busy with my wheelchair dancing taster coming up tomorrow, so not had enough time to edit the photos of projects I’ve squeezed in the last couple of weeks!
There’s been stuff going on on my Facebook page if you follow me there, but thought I’d share this with you guys too – it’s such a great tip!
Hope you’re all keeping well, and wil be back next week
Donna x

Did You Make That?


When I first started sewing, I remember being bemused by beeswax. No, scratch that and rewind. Specifically, I remember being bemused by the knots that would appear in my thread whenever I tried hand sewing. So I did some research, and learnt that beeswax would help. I just didn’t know how!

I thought I’d write a blog post about something that may appear obvious to some. To others who may be similairly bemused, I hope this helps!

So, beeswax. You can buy it in most haberdasheries. If you don’t know what it looks like, check out the above. Or ask for a shop assistant’s help. Or just wander around looking for something that resembles a giant’s gobbet of dried up snot. (Too much information?)

Here are my tips for working with beeswax.

Cut a length of thread for hand sewing. My rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t be longer…

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