Dancing Gloves – Left & Right!

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve been run off my feet getting my wheelchair dancing classes up and running , which has meant everything else has kind of fallen by the wayside. Now that they’re started (every Tuesday evening, if anyone’s interested!), I’m trying to catch up on everything else!

The project I want to share with you today is some gloves I made as an aid for my teaching. I don’t know whether it’s because of my brain injury, or just because I’m getting old (I’m 33 this year!) but I struggle to tell my left from my right – not great if you’re teaching dance! To help with this while dancing, I bought myself some lovely calfskin gloves with padded palms – great for pushing! – and made an ‘R’ and an ‘L’ on the back in hot-fix crystals. They work great, so much so that I’ve now made pairs for almost every member of the group I belong to in our Watford group, a couple of other dancing friends, and may need to make more for my Letchworth group members too, based on their dancing the last couple of weeks!!

I’ve attached pictures below for you to see how cool they look – please excuse the slightly dodgy, late afternoon lighting. A couple also have some stringy glue left on them around the gems – I didn’t have time to buff them before taking the pictures, as I was running out of light – but I wanted to show you how many different options I made. I’d love to hear your opinion – do you like what I’ve made? Have you every made anything like this? Do you have issues with your left and right too?

Anyway, onwards and upwards – so many jobs to do!

Will write again soon!

Donna x

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