Starting again – with a crafty mess!

Hi all! So, January has come and gone without me seeing much of it. I’ve had kind of a rough time health-wise, but I’m not here to moan about that. After such a false start to the year, I’ve decided to use the Chinese New Year as an opportunity to make a fresh start, so… Continue reading Starting again – with a crafty mess!


Planes & Automobiles… No trains yet, must be the weather!

Hi guys! I saw a lot of people were starting their years (or finishing the last one!) with woodwork projects and, whilst I’m not up to big DIY work, I remembered I had these two little kits in one of my craft boxes. Dad and I have put them together over the last couple of… Continue reading Planes & Automobiles… No trains yet, must be the weather!

Lemon Chicken, Roasties And A Syrup Pudding Too!

So, Dad’s bathroom’s finally reached a stage where he could teach me his lemon chicken recipe, so we made a dinner out of it, and teamed it with mini roasties, and mum’s golden syrup pudding too. So, below are pics and recipes for your perusal! Enjoy!!! Donna xxx Lemon Chicken Ingredients – 2 Lemons, 4… Continue reading Lemon Chicken, Roasties And A Syrup Pudding Too!

Hi All!

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while but I’ve been having a few problems health-wise, so any energy I’ve had has been spent keeping up with the tasks, and the blogging’s got a bit lax! But I’m back now, and raring to go!! So…. what have you missed in the last couple of weeks?Firstly, Herman… Continue reading Hi All!

Lemons, Lemons, Lemons (Or Not!)

Hello Again! Well, the plans to make all things lemon last weekend – lemon drizzle cake and my dad’s lemon chicken – went pear-shaped when my poor dad’s bathroom STILL looked like this on the Sunday afternoon!! So, needless to say, the dinner at my dad’s was off! That means I needed to find something… Continue reading Lemons, Lemons, Lemons (Or Not!)

Herman Rides Again!

Well, Herman’s had his first feed, ¬†and he’s rising well. This is a photo of him after his first feed. Since then, as per instructions, he’s been stirred twice a day, every day, and is growing even more now. Tomorrow’s the day for his second feed and then it’s time to split into baby Hermans!!… Continue reading Herman Rides Again!

Hello Herman!

So, not content with learning to bake and cook individual dishes, I’ve taken on a challenge from my mum to try to make a friendship cake she gave me (no, I didn’t name it, the instructions she gave me said it’s called Herman!). So, Herman is a friendship cake which you cannot buy but which… Continue reading Hello Herman!

Yummy Gooey Brownies!!

Hello again!! So, first item of baking – brownies!! Lovely, gooey, chocolately brownies…. hhhmmmmmm!!!! Anyway, back to business! The recipe is: Gooey Fudgey Brownies These gooey, fudgey brownies get their consistency from not too much flour, and an extra egg than you’d normally use! Ingredients 300g (10oz) Soft Brown Sugar 250g (9oz) Soft Butter 3… Continue reading Yummy Gooey Brownies!!

First Month, First Challenge!

Hello Again! Well, it’s Month One and I’ve picked a craft I can learn from home to get me started while I sort some tutors for later months – cooking & baking! I know some people may not think that this counts as a craft, but when you take into account the decorations, variations etc,… Continue reading First Month, First Challenge!