Life just keeps interfering!!

Hi all! Just a quick post to apologise for being quiet for so long! I was on a course last week to qualify as a wheelchair dance tutor (which I passed with distinction!!), and that’s kind of taken over my life the last couple of weeks!! Before that, I was doing a stock check of… Continue reading Life just keeps interfering!!

Christmas Ornaments – Crystal Twist Trees

A post with one of the Christmas ornaments I made at the end of last year now. These pretty trees are lovely and sparkly, and very different to most I’ve seen. As with the other ornaments, these were for sale at my Christmas sales, but would love to hear what you think! Hope you like… Continue reading Christmas Ornaments – Crystal Twist Trees

My First Sales!

Hi again! Sorry I’m so far behind with my blogging at the moment, but I’m desperately trying to get ready for some craft fairs I’m doing at the end of this month (details at the end of this post!). I’ll be posting some more stuff in the next week or so I hope! I thought… Continue reading My First Sales!