Yummy Gooey Brownies!!

Hello again!! So, first item of baking – brownies!! Lovely, gooey, chocolately brownies…. hhhmmmmmm!!!! Anyway, back to business! The recipe is: Gooey Fudgey Brownies These gooey, fudgey brownies get their consistency from not too much flour, and an extra egg than you’d normally use! Ingredients 300g (10oz) Soft Brown Sugar 250g (9oz) Soft Butter 3… Continue reading Yummy Gooey Brownies!!

First Month, First Challenge!

Hello Again! Well, it’s Month One and I’ve picked a craft I can learn from home to get me started while I sort some tutors for later months – cooking & baking! I know some people may not think that this counts as a craft, but when you take into account the decorations, variations etc,… Continue reading First Month, First Challenge!

New Year, New Challenge!

Hello! My name is Donna and this blog will chart my journey during 2012 through the challenge of learning a new craft every month, trying to complete a project each week. It will have pictures and diary entries along the way, along with lessons for how some of the things I’ve produced are made so… Continue reading New Year, New Challenge!