Weekly Catchup

Hi all! Well, it’s been a busy two weeks! Last week was my birthday, and I seem to have been playing catch up ever since! Still, always worth it for a day off right? My time management course is going really well – it really makes you look at what exactly you’re doing with your… Continue reading Weekly Catchup


Bead Weaving

Hi All! Another thing I’ve tried whilst making jewellery with beads is using a loom to weave beaded jewellery. Crafty Karen bought the loom for me as an Easter present, and we had originally hoped I could use it when I broke my arm earlier this year, but unfortunately it was not to be, as… Continue reading Bead Weaving

Crystal Maze Ladder Bracelet

So bracelet number 3 of 3 is the Crystal Maze Ladder Bracelet, taught to me as always by the lovely Stella of Navajo Beading (http://www.navajo-beading.net/). Its base is the same as the one for the Embellished Ladder Bracelet, but then there is a big variation. ┬áSo how is it made? Like this: The Crystal Maze… Continue reading Crystal Maze Ladder Bracelet

Embellished Ladder Bracelet

Hi again! So, the first of the two jewellery sessions I’ve squeezed in around everything else since last writing (both with the lovely Stella of Navajo Beading (http://www.navajo-beading.net/)) was to make an Embellished Ladder Bracelet. These are really simple to make, and even look lovely worn either way up!! Anyway, here’s how to make them:… Continue reading Embellished Ladder Bracelet